Celebrate International Guitar Month with Free Shipping!

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The above is from my personal Facebook page; 
so you know that I truly love guitar! 

Because April is International Guitar Month, I have an excuse to take some time from helping business people promote their business message with great imprinted promotional items and strum a few chords. But don't fret, (sorry) we're still available to assist you.

And, to spread the love around, until May 31st, we'll give any music store (or music related business; are you listening bands?) free shipping on any order of imprinted promo items!

But first, what is your favorite brand of guitar? (Leave your comments below).

Shown in order of my preference are the guitars (linked to their Facebook page) that I love.





My "next" Martin Guitar: 

Enough about me and my favorite guitars. 
Now back to saving businesses hundreds of dollars a year on imprinted promo items! 

This month (actually until May 31st) 
we offer all music stores across this great USA 
FREE SHIPPING on any order! 

Is MyImprintRep YOUR ImprintRep?

Promote Your Business on April Holidays

Let us help you promote your business by piggybacking on these holidays. MyImprintRepDOTcom Is MyImprintRep YOUR ImprintRep?

National Poetry Month, Guitar Month, Humor Month, Autism Awareness Month, Cancer Control Month and Occupational Therapy Month, Animal Cruelty Prevention Month, Autism Awareness Month, Books to Brighten Young Minds Months, Community Spirit Month, Confederate History Month, Couple Appreciation Month, International Customer Loyalty Month, International Guitar Month, International Legacy Month, Keep America Beautiful Month, Lawn and Garden Month, Mathematics Education Month, National Grilled Cheese Sandwich Month, National Humor Month, National Pet First Aid Awareness Month, National Poetry Month, National Self-Publishing Month, National Smile Month, National Youth Sports Safety Month, Occupational Therapy Month, Pets Are Wonderful Month, School Library Month, Spring Break Month, Straw Hat Month, World Habitat Awareness Month.

Choose a "holiday" and tie your business message to it. This can be as simple as displaying a sign in your business or banner on your site (link to the appropriate organization's site) to show your concern for the cause. Offer a donation to the cause from a percentage of the sale of all or certain items or services you are selling. 

Finally, distribute imprinted specialties with both your business name and the cause. Or with your message and the imprinted item is simply the "color" of the cause. 

HINT #1: MyImprintRepDOTcom offers FREE SHIPPING on all items that you state are being used for CAUSE MARKETING. 

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HINT #2: Would you like a monthly list of holidays, 2 months in advance so you can plan ahead and market effectively? Request Ter Scott's Marketing More eLetter by completing the form below. For a limited time, for all request it, will receive this eBook shown in the picture, at no cost: 

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Creative businesses Profit from $HARE PROGRAM.

Creative businesses profit from our Imprinted Items
and we do most of the work! 
Sign up for our $HARE PROGRAM; 
it's free to do and very profitable! 

Image result for moving money gif The usual commission on imprinted items is 20 to 25%; you’ll get half of our commission.

Photographers, web designers, painters, DJs, etc. (all creative business types), we’ll split our commissions with you!

Your clients for your events are purchasing imprinted items from somewhere; why not you? You can easily become the “one stop shop” and we make it easy and hassle free.

Image result for imprinted wedding mug1.       Tell us what you imprinted needs for your client; search our catalog or ask us to find something for you. Give us a little time and we’ll offer a few options.

2.       You prepay for the item(s) after you see a proof as to how your finished product will look and we agree that we can make your event date (usually well ahead of time).  And that's it; we'll take it from there! 

 The usual commission on imprinted items is 
20 to 25%; you’ll get half of our commission.

Now you can offer more to your clients and we’ll take care of everything! For example, here's our BIC pen catalog; everyone uses pens. 

Open our BIC (online virtual catalog) choose an item and we’ll explain how our share program works. (Place your comments in the box in the form below). 

The form below is a general request form used my our customers. Please mention in the comment box that you want details about our $HARE PROGRAM. 
We have many catalogs like this and offer over a million items with an imprint! 

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