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MyImprintRepDOTcom helps to reduce Cell Phone JUICE HACKING

There’s a NEW WAY to get your data 

and it’s called JUICE HACKING!

Here’s our answer to “Juice-Hacking” (you can read the two related articles below). First, don’t charge your phone in a public place anymore, or when you do… BEWARE! But how can you avoid doing so, you need to charge your phone; what to do, what to do??? We’ll give you the answer, plus if you own a business or charity, here’s a way to provide the answer and get your message out!

ANSWER to cell phone owners: carry a power bank with you.
ANSWER to business, or charity/organization: offer power banks with your imprint.

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Cellphone Charging Stations… The Next Avenue in Data Theft?

One of the latest trends in the security industry is experiencing resurgence, involves a device that nearly everyone with a smartphone has used at least once in the last twelve months. They’re in nearly every airport, your favorite restaurant or bar, conferences; it’s nearly impossible to miss the charging stations that keep our lifelines to the world charged. These charging stations are manufactured and distributed across the country by a variety of a vendors, however there is a serious security threat that dates back as a far as 2013.

What is “Juice-Hacking”?

You’re out and about, and your smartphone’s battery is about to die. Maybe you’re at an airport, hotel, or shopping mall. You don’t have the power cable needed to charge the device, but you do have a USB cord that can supply the needed juice. Then you spot an oasis: A free charging kiosk. Do you hesitate before connecting your phone to this unknown device that could be configured to read most of the data on your phone, and perhaps even upload malware?
The answer, for most folks, is probably not. The few people I’ve asked while researching this story said they use these charging kiosks all the time (usually while on travel), but then said they’d think twice next time after I mentioned the possible security ramifications of doing so. Everyone I asked was a security professional.

Check out our catalog which includes power banks and so much more that you can spread your message with imprinted items. CLICK ON THE CATALOG IMAGE BELOW and then return to this page and use our INQUIRY FORM to ask us any questions you have. 

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