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Everyone uses pens, wears hats, uses calendars (yes even with all the high tech stuff we have today) mugs, and more. Plus you could probably use decals and forms of all types right? But here’s the big thing, you are probably paying too much for all of this stuff.

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My name is Ter Scott, I’m the “Bricks to Clicks Marketing Consultant”™ and I’ve provided great promo ideas to businesses in the Twin Ports (and around the entire USA) for over 30 years; I know what I’m doing and you want someone who knows the industry when you invest your marketing dollars in promotional products. There are hundreds of places wanting to sell you pens and apparel but we’ve been doing this for years and doing it right for our clients!

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Myself, Ter Scott with over 30 years in the industry and my direct site:
Proforma/Albrecht one of the largest players in the entire industry.

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Let me prove to you that I am your best source for “Anything With an Imprint”©.

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Oh, and the reason we save our customers so much time and money is that we don’t bother you at your office; all work is completed via email, fax, and internet! 

I look forward to assisting you in your marketing needs using imprinted promotional items!