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Breast Cancer Awareness is not just for October

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Every business should take part in what is called “Cause Marketing” such as with this example, Cancer Awareness Month. Here is a tip that will put you far out front of your competition, but first I want you to know that your intent should be that you have a genuine concern and even an experience for the cause of your choice. Do not simply piggy back on a cause simply to promote your business or “karma” will get back at you!

So let’s say you have a genuine cause, or many causes that you want to support. Here’s your tip. For instance, if your cause of choice is Cancer Awareness Month, don’t just promote the cause during the applicable month (October in this case). Promote it year round! Here’s why:

·         Build up to your event for your cause months prior to the event. Talk it up before, during, and after the event and the month.
·         Your cause never takes a vacation so why should you or your business? This should be a year around push.
·         Many imprinted promo items for your cause (Pink for Cancer Awareness Month) go on closeout pricing shortly after the month for the cause so you can order and use them all year long as drastically discounted pricing! They don’t spoil or become out of date, so this is an awesome thing to do to save money.
·         When you promote a cause all year long, people come to know you as the business that is related to and/or promotes the specific cause. Every time people talk about the cause, because your business is associated with the cause your business will probably come up in conversation as well. Caution: be sure that you guard this and don’t do anything which will tarnish this association of your business with this cause.

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